English Lesson Quiz: The Lost Generation

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English Quiz #10

Have you ever heard of the Lost Generation? Challenge yourself with this quiz about the authors who were part of the Lost Generation.

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Which of these short stories was written by Ernest Hemingway?

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Who is credited for the term Lost Generation?

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Which of these writers was NOT part of the Lost Generation?

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Which of these writers were mentioned in the book "All the bright places", by Jennifer Niven?

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Which of these novels addresses Fitzgerald’s theme of love distorted by social climbing and greed?

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Who wrote the novel "The Great Gatsby"?

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The writers of the Lost Generation made Paris the centre of their literary activities in the 1920s.

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The novel Ulysses, by James Joyce, was first published by the Parisian bookshop Shakespeare and Company in 1922.

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Hemingway became an alcoholic and died of a heart attack in 1940.

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Which of these cafés in Paris were favourite hangout spots for the Lost Generation in the 1920s?

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