Curiosities of Carnivals Around the World

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Curiosities of Carnivals Around the World

Test your knowledge of Carnival around the world. How much do you know about this topic?

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Which country's Carnival includes the tradition of "Bloco" street parties?

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What is a common practice in many Carnival celebrations?

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How is the end of Carnival traditionally marked before Lent?

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What symbol is often associated with the Venice Carnival?

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Which of the following is a traditional Carnival food in many countries?

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What distinguishes New Orleans' Mardi Gras?

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What is a unique aspect of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival?

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In which country is the Carnival of Binche, featuring the Gilles, celebrated?

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Which city is famous for its masked Carnival?

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What is the main feature of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival?

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